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Brotherhood/Sisterhood Sunday

Churches are encouraged to share this important outreach to help survivors of clergy. Use our bulletin insert to share with Your Laity on the Sunday of your choice. Thank you.


Benevolent organization founded more than a century ago by concerned clergy (beneficiary members) and laity (honorary members) who became aware of the difficult circumstances that families of United Methodist pastors face upon the pastor’s death. It provides immediate financial assistance to the family of a deceased clergy member of BH/SH. By membership in the BH/SH, we not only demonstrate love and appreciation for colleagues in ministry, we also ensure our own loved ones will receive similar care.

How does it work?

On receiving word that a BH/SH clergy member has died, a check is immediately issued in the amount of the current benefit ($9,500), less any unpaid assessment or promissory notes. It is made payable to the surviving spouse, designated beneficiary or to the estate if there is no spouse or designated beneficiary.

Responding to the call

When BH/SH receives a death notice for a clergy member, a card is mailed to all members, with the name of the deceased, a short biographical sketch, the number of the “call,” and the amount to be contributed ($8 clergy/$3 laity). Members mail their contributions:

  • Check for each notice received
  • One check for several notices
  • Annual contribution of $120, based on average of 15 calls per year (clergy), or $45 (laity), plus additional calls. You may change your method of contribution by calling 704.825.1333 or writing to the BH/SH office at PO Box 1096, Belmont, NC 28012-1096.

Clergy Membership

Clergy membership is open to all full connection and provisional deacons and elders, associate members, and local pastors in the Western N.C. Conference of The United Methodist Church.

If you are over age 35, or have been a member of the annual conference for more than five years, you will be asked to sign a non-interest-bearing promissory note for all assessments since your 35th birthday. If unpaid, the amount of the note will be deducted from the benefit at the time of death. If you are under the age of 35, or have been a member of the annual conference for less than five years, simply make application and send a registration fee of $10.

Laity Membership

Online Form

Need more information?

Call or write the Brotherhood/Sisterhood office and request a brochure, 704.825.1333 or The Brotherhood/Sisterhood, WNCC UMC, PO Box 1096, Belmont, NC 28012-1096.


Want to join?

Use the online form

Complete and mail this form with a $10 application fee to The Brotherhood/Sisterhood, PO Box 1096, Belmont, NC 28012-1096.

Questions? Contact us at 704.825.1333 or fax 704.825.1321.

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