Having remarkable energy and liveliness; necessary to the existence of life; of the utmost importance; indispensable and essential.

Church Vitality’s Vision is to: Prayerfully Notice the Holy Spirit’s creative Sparks, Nurture existing congregations to vibrant Renewed life, and create New faith communities, that are all producing vital and sustainable congregations. We strengthen and create faith communities that are continually evolving in order to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

We believe any person encountering a vital church’s culture can “Feel” it. There is palpable energy that flows from the congregation into the community around it. This energy is life-giving to everyone and is an essential part of the health of the community. As this vitality takes hold, the congregation becomes woven into the fabric of the community’s lifeblood as it serves, cares, celebrates, gives, influences, shapes, forms, and transforms the people, the rhythm, and the personality of the community. It becomes essential and necessary to the community’s existence.

A vital congregation in our United Methodist context is (singularly) focused on the mission of the church. It has the resources to engage in this mission, and is consistently fruitful at making disciples, whom God continually uses to transform the world.


January 05, 2023
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November 01, 2022
New WNC Shelter for Women and Families Celebrates Their Ribbon Cutting Ceremony With Support from Wesley CDC and The WNCC

Lydia's Place, a new plant in Asheboro, celebrated in October 2022 with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

October 11, 2022
Means of Grace: Church in Reverse with Rev. Rob Parsons

What could it mean for our congregations, for our communities, if we flipped the script on how we “do church”? In this week’s episode Rev. Rob ...

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